Packing Cubes


Packing cubes are beloved by experienced travelers because they help you:

  • Organize your items – It’s easy to pack when you know what goes in each cube and how each cube fits in your luggage. It also helps keep things organized if TSA or Customs officials rummage through your bag.
  • Find your items on the go – Often you don’t fully unpack as you travel, so using packing cubes helps you find items without rummaging through your bag.
  • Separate mine from yours – When sharing a suitcase, colored cubes help identify whose items are whose.
  • Pack light – Packing cubes can be used to limit the amount of clothes you bring. For instance, if you always put socks in a small packing cube, you know that’s all the room you have for socks.
  • Keep your items clean – Packing cubes provide a barrier if the surfaces you are unpacking to (drawers, shelves, etc) aren’t clean. They’re also handy for separating clean clothes from dirty ones.

What’s the difference between regular packing cubes and compression packing cubes?

  • Compression packing cubes take up less space and are a key tool for packing light. By removing air and compressing your clothes, you can save space and potentially the need for checking bags.
  • Compression cubes are best used on items that won’t show wrinkles. For clothes that will show wrinkles, we recommend regular packing cubes.

The Traveler’s selection of packing cubes

We offer a wide variety of packing cubes – various sizes, shapes and colors from top manufacturers. So stop by the store and let us help you find the packing cubes that will work best for you.