Susan and Barbara

We started The Traveler because we loved the way our travels had opened our eyes to different ways of understanding the world. We also knew that we shared this appreciation of travel with many of our Bainbridge Island neighbors and we envisioned a “Main Street” business that could capture the excitement of travel while making it easier and more enjoyable.

Susan: I grew up in Bogota, Colombia and have lived in Switzerland and Italy before settling in the U.S. I have a background in the travel industry and when my children left home, I enrolled in graduate school to recalibrate. I was about to write my master’s thesis on the spiritual dimensions of travel when I suddenly switched gears and decided to open a travel store.

Barbara: I was Susan’s willing accomplice in this venture. I was a public library administrator, but behind every librarian lurks a would-be bookseller, and guidebooks, maps and travel narrative are an important part of the store. Living in England for several years was a wonderful experience and also taught me a thing or two about travelling with children!

We are energized by our mission of inspiring a love of travel, fostering an understanding of other cultures and building a relationship of mutual support with our customers and community.

Come join us on the journey!

Susan and Barbara